About Crown Utilities

We are a leading multi-utility company that has been providing water, gas and electricity solutions to both commercial and domestic customers for over 70 years. We aim to streamline the whole process for you with our one-stop-shop, so whether you're working on a large, complex development or moving house, we will eradicate the stresses and take care of all your requirements. From meter installation and removal to water connections and disconnections, anything is possible with our team of experts.

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Our story

Crown Utilities are part of the Crown Group and have been providing homes and businesses with all forms of energy since the 1940s. With over 70 years’ experience, we decided to branch off as a separate company.

As a leader in the industry and from our network owned companies, we are here to assist you every step of the way. With our position in the industry, we can exceed all your utility expectations and offer you some of the most competitive prices on the market.

Crown Utilities are:

An ICP (Independent Connection Provider) for LV & HV electrical installations
An SLO (Self Lay Organisation) for water networks
Listed on the Gas Safe Register
A NERS, GIRS, WIRS and MURS accredited company
ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 accomplished
A UIP (Utility Independent Provider) for low and medium pressure gas connections under the Competition in Connections schemes for the statutory undertakers

Our aim is to provide our clients with:

A dedicated and professional team
One point of contact throughout with a dedicated Account Manager
A qualified and experienced construction expert
Excellent quality procedures
Health & Safety policies and procedures
Complete piece of mind for all your utility requirements

We understand the frustration that the construction and development industry faces and are dedicated to providing you with an integrative and fair service, keeping up to date with all legal requirements for you.

Here at Crown Utilities we will assist you with onsite design and management of gas, water, electric and multi-utility supplies. We will also advise on feasibility studies, way leaves, utility diversions, legal issues and any problems arising from a lack of response with the incumbent electric, water and gas companies.

Crown Utilities are a UK leading multi-utility company, specialising in electric, gas and water connections. We provide bespoke project management for utility infrastructure for both domestic and commercial developments. As a nation-wide company, we deliver gas, water and electricity anywhere in the country at the best price on the market.

Crowns Utilities’ clients have benefited from dealing with a company that has a proven track record of being a first-class construction partner within the utility infrastructure and service connections industry.

Our wealth of experience means our multi-utility services, including water, gas and electricity are unrivalled and at the best price on the market.

We design, manage and install water connections, gas connections and electrical connections for all your needs, whether that’s utility connections, disconnections or diversions.

Crown Utilities also specialises in new connections, meter connections, meter disconnections, gas meter removals, electrical installations and electrical connections.

Call Crown Utilities on 0800 027 5052 now for a competitive quote or simply for more information on any of the range of services we offer.

Why work with Crown Utilities?

Over 70 years’ experience in the energy industry
We supply gas, electricity and utilities to businesses, public sector customers and the construction industry
We have full UK coverage, so if you’re in an emergency, we will be with you in an instant
We deliver bespoke utility management projects to suit contractors, developers and the end user
Complete infrastructure for Gas, Electricity, Water & Telecoms
You will receive a dedicated account manager who is a qualified and experienced construction expert
You will have complete peace of mind that all your utility requirements are covered
Health & Safety procedures on hand and permanent energy supply

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