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Multi Utility Services

Having someone to manage your gas, water and electricity will significantly reduce the burden, with a complete service from start to end. Our experienced in-house team will give you peace of mind knowing that all your utility infrastructure needs will be met on time and within budget, with bespoke project management and a tailor-made solution, designed specifically for you.

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An integrated multi-utility installation company

Coordinating a wide array of different parties can be a nightmare. With us, it’s about exceeding your expectations and eradicating the need to go to numerous companies. Crown Utilities offer a one-stop-shop for multi-utility connections. With our customer-focused, streamlined approach, we are helping homeowners, commercial customers and industrial developments across the UK.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got single premises or multiple complexes, our industry experience that spans over 70 years have enabled us to build a tailor-made solution, perfect for each and every customer. Our team of specialists, ranging from designers and project planners to engineers and operational teams, have the experience and knowledge to ensure a smooth, efficient and truly inclusive service throughout.

Multi-utility services, with one point of contact

We understand that every project is unique which is why we provide bespoke multi-utility design, project management, and installation services. To ensure a seamless delivery, you will have your very own dedicated Account Manager who will be your main point of contact throughout the whole process.

By choosing Crown Utilities, you will reap the benefits of using a multi-utility service provider, with a complete service from design to build.

Crown Utilities specialise in:

  • Multi-utility connections
  • Gas services including connections, disconnections & meters
  • Electricity services including connections, disconnections & meters
  • Water services including connections, disconnections & submeters
  • Telecoms ducting and arrangement of private networks
  • Approved utility contractors
  • Street lighting connections
  • Utility infrastructure services

By choosing Crown Utilities we will:

  • Reduce the burden of having to contact numerous parties
  • Save you valuable time by liaising with mandatory statutory bodies
  • Provide accurate costs for the installation of new gas connections and electricity connections
  • Give peace of mind knowing all your utility needs are under control
  • Provide a team of qualified engineers to complete all works
  • Ensure you are at the forefront of everything we do

Other services we can help you with

Our adaptable model enables us to work on projects of any size, so whether you have one site or several, our team of experts will create a tailor-made solution to adhere to your exact requirements, from utility infrastructure to connections management project.

Crown Utilities has all the knowledge & experience to design, manage and install gas connections, water connections and electrical connections. Our ultimate aim is to get the job done on time and within budget.

With our expertise in multi-utility installations, it doesn’t matter if you require utility connections, disconnections or diversions, Crown Utilities can manage everything for you.

Site Investigations

We can supply our site investigation services to ensure that your utility work is carried out safely and professionally. No matter whether your project includes gas, electricity or water infrastructure. Learn more about our site investigation services.

Temporary Builder’s Supply

If you’re working on new build developments or other location which do not have an active electricity supply or water mains supply on-site. You may need to rely on a temporary electricity or mains water supply. We can help you set this up. Learn more about our temporary builder’s supply.

Meter Kiosks and Housings

No matter whether you have an exposed gas or electricity meter indoors or out, we can supply and install a wide range of gas and electricity meters kiosks and housing that adheres to Ofgem guidelines. Learn more about our gas and electricity meter kiosks and housings.

To find out how we can help you with your multi utility service requirements, call us today on 0330 123 5665.

How can Crown Utilities help you?

We provide bespoke multi-utility design, project management and multi-utility installation service for both domestic and commercial developments.

Why work with Crown Utilities?

Why work with Crown Utilities

Over 70 years’ experience in the energy industry
We supply gas, electricity and utilities to businesses, public sector customers and the construction industry
We have full UK coverage, so if you’re in an emergency, we will be with you in an instant
We deliver bespoke utility management projects to suit contractors, developers and the end user
Complete infrastructure for Gas, Electricity, Water & Telecoms
You will receive a dedicated account manager who is a qualified and experienced construction expert
You will have complete peace of mind that all your utility requirements are covered
Health & Safety procedures on hand and permanent energy supply

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