Electricity Disconnections

If you no longer require a electric connection to your domestic or commercial property then Crown Utilities can manage the disconnection on your behalf. Whether there is no longer a requirement for electric or the property is scheduled for demolition, we offer a timely and efficient service to get the job done.

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Permanent Electric Supply Disconnection

Crown Utilities are able to undertake a permanent disconnection of your electricity supply. We will liaise with the relevant parties to make the disconnection as quick and efficient as possible.

As well as our nationwide and fast-track service, our effective in-house system ensures complete efficiency when it comes to electric disconnections. Whether you’re a domestic, industrial or commercial customer, we’ll guide you through the whole process from start to finish, and provide your electric disconnection on time and on budget.

What is the disconnection process?

  1. Quotation – Based on your requirements, we will provide you with a quote, detailing the work required for the disconnection.
  2. Payment – When you’re happy to continue with the work, you will need to sign the relevant paperwork that’s provided with your quote and send them back to us along with the necessary payment.
  3. Supplier notification – Once the relevant paperwork has been received and the payment has been accepted, we’ll notify your supplier on your behalf and provide them notice to allow them to remove their metering equipment.
  4. Schedule work – We will try our very best to work to your schedule/deadlines, but if we need highway permits or there are no available engineers in the area, this could prolong the process. We will, however, discuss the schedule with you to arrange the most convenient dates for all parties.
  5. On-site work – The disconnection will then be carried out which usually involves excavation which takes place beyond the boundary of your property. Don’t worry, all necessary work will be confirmed with you prior to this stage.
  6. Completed project – Once all the work has been completed, we will send you a disconnection confirmation letter for your records.

Please note: If your disconnection is due to a scheduled demolition, you should not commence any work until your disconnection letter has been received

Once disconnected, can my electricity be reconnected?

Once the electricity supply has been disconnected, you will need to reapply and pay for a new electricity connection. This may include the installation of a new electricity meter, as most utility companies will remove their metering equipment when the disconnection takes place.

Can my electricity be disconnected temporarily?

The short answer is yes, we can arrange for your power to be temporarily disconnected and reconnected at a later date. If you require major electrical work to be performed, we can liaise with the utility provider and disconnect your supply at the boundary, allowing workmen to work without the risk of an incident.

How long does the disconnection process take?

Every disconnection project is unique, so we can only provide a rough estimate of timescales. A disconnection can take anywhere from 21 days right up to 6 months, once payment has been received. We will, of course, provide an accurate date for completion before any payment is made.

Do I need to inform my utility provider of the disconnection?

We will inform your electricity provider of the planned disconnection and provide dates, as they may wish to remove the metering equipment. You will, however, need to speak to them directly regarding the cancellation of your contract. When your utility provider is notified of the disconnection, they may send a certified engineer to remove any metering equipment.

How can Crown Utilities help you?

We provide bespoke multi-utility design, project management and multi-utility installation service for both domestic and commercial developments.

Why work with Crown Utilities?

Why work with Crown Utilities

We supply gas, electricity and utilities to businesses, public sector customers and the construction industry
We have full UK coverage, so if you’re in an emergency, we will be with you in an instant
We deliver bespoke utility management projects to suit contractors, developers and the end user
Complete infrastructure for Gas, Electricity, Water & Telecoms
You will receive a dedicated account manager who is a qualified and experienced construction expert
You will have complete peace of mind that all your utility requirements are covered
Health & Safety procedures on hand and permanent energy supply

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What Our Customers Say

The boys that turned up to do the works, were so polite and hard working, they didn’t stop Very great job 15/10 As for the girls in the office, they were an absolute pleasure to work with. They processed everything so quick, surveyor out ahead of schedule and works completed quicker than i could of hoped for. will definitely use Crown again


I found this Company to be very efficient and Professional. I spoke with Connor who solved the problem within minutes. I would definitely recommend and use again.


I contacted Crown Utilities for connections to a complex site and I have to say their service to date has been first class. Have dealt with both Ellis and Freddie and they have been fantastic. They make the process seamless and efficient and have saved a lot of money through looking at alternative solutions.