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The Benefits of Using a Multi Utility Services Provider

The process of connecting utilities for industrial developments is a tedious and complex one. With many different parties and multiple connection points involved, getting your head around and coordinating them can be a nightmare. The process is not only expensive, but also frustrating when having to go through similar steps over and over. To overcome…Read more

Can I Arrange Gas, Electricity & Water Services Through the Same Company?

When setting up a project, using an array of different companies to complete the required infrastructure can be a nightmare. With us, it’s about providing a seamless delivery of all the required utilities, to eradicate the stresses that come hand in hand. Every project has its own unique set of requirements. That’s why we manage…Read more

6 Energy Saving Hacks That Will Save Your Business Big Money

Everyone loves saving money, especially on their bills. And sometimes, we don’t have to go above and beyond. It’s the little changes in our workforce’s behaviour that make a big difference. Think green and you’ll reap the benefits, here’s how… 1. Go paperless Now millennials, paper may seem extinct to some of you, with the…Read more

Rollover Energy Contracts… Don’t Get Stung

Energy is without a doubt a substantial cost, but it is of course, paramount in running a business. With prices not cheap, it not only makes sense, but it is vital to review your current energy contract in advance of the end date, so you can be sure you don’t end up being stung by…Read more